Website & graphics

Website created with JQuery, Html and Css

le village balinais


Website, and graphics integration


Business oriented CMS

CMS specific for construction projects for enterprises, architects...
developped in c#, SQL server


Administration application

Employees, resources and projects management
application developped in c# / SQL sever on Windows


System Engineer

  • UNIX
  • AIX
  • HPUX
  • RHEL
  • MS Windows
  • AD
  • Exchange
  • Oracle
  • GoldenGate
  • MS SQL
  • MySQL
  • .net
  • C#
  • WebSphere

Technical support, level 2 and 3, alarm and pilot line for healthcare professionals located in Europe, Middle-East, Asia and the USA. Service calls, troubleshooting and immediate response to solve outage issues with in depth investigation. On-call interpretation and translation for French clients. Mentoring and knowledge transfer.
As a system engineer I’m supporting all technology issues and belong to 2 US based teams – Foundations and 724 Access, I’m mainly supporting and troubleshooting the following: Back-end UNIX servers system hosting the application nodes on failover clusters (OpenVMS, AIX, HP-UX or RHEL). Oracle databases on back-end UNIX hosts and MySQL installed on Microsoft servers. Disaster recovery system based on Oracle GoldenGate technology and MySQL to host the replicated databases on Windows workstations WebSphere 7 to 8.5, installation and configuration deploying all java web based applications and web services. Active directory and SPML connector to synchronize all directory users account. Windows servers 2003-2008, end users’ workstations, domain controller and active directory. IBM MQ.
Software and development related issues C#, PS/SQL, CCL (Cerner Corporate SQL language), shell scripts and back-end application logic for our system monitoring application. Crash collector and Dr. Watson to investigate and troubleshoot slowness issue or application crash.


User documentation creation and support of the following; Servers maintenance (Windows 2003-2008), Exchange, Active Directory .net C# programming  MS SQL databases maintenance, PowerShell scripts and stored procedures Managed several Windows 2003 and 2008 files and applications servers. Migation to all the servers to VMWare. Development –Windows .net C# framework, Ajax, SQL Server 2008.  Servers and application maintenance, exchange, AD, database SQL Server Project manager, .net development, Autocad programming in LISP Project manager: Migration of our solutions to Linux Debian - J2EE - PostgreSQL. Debian, PostreSQL, ASP, J2EE


Céline Huss